Internationale Föderation für Eurasierzucht

International Federation for Eurasier Breeding

Fédération internationale pour l'élevage d’Eurasier

Federatión Internacional para Cria de Eurasier

Quality Rules

  1. All Eurasiers are issued with a pedigree by one of the clubs acknowledged by the FCI, or an organization that is cooperating with the FCI.
  2. A Eurasier is bred according to our demanding rules and in accordance with best animal welfare:
  1. The parents have (at least) been examined by a veterinarian for:
    • Hip dysplacia (HD)(centralised assessment)
    • Patella luxation (PL)
    • Eye diseases
  2. Suitability for breeding has been assessed either by a "Koermeister" (=a specially and highly trained club representative responsible for breeding matters) or a conformation judge.
  3. Choices for matings are based on scientifically sound assessment of the breeding potential with the aim of breeding healthy, robust Eurasiers of steady temperament.
  4. Breeding for commercial purposes is not permitted.
  5. Specially trained club officials, "Breed Inspectors", inspect the home in which the puppies are raised and monitor how the puppies are raised and cared for.
  6. The breeder informs the buyer of the result of the final inspection.
  7. The puppies are raised in the family ensuring an early and tender bond to humans and their environment.
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