Internationale Föderation für Eurasierzucht

International Federation for Eurasier Breeding

Fédération internationale pour l'élevage d’Eurasier

Federatión Internacional para Cria de Eurasier


Brief Summary of the IFEZ Conference 2016

Prof.Dr. Kurt Kotrschal, Chariperson of the IFEZ
In his capacity of current IFEZ president, Professor Dr. Kurt Kotrschal, President of the Eurasier Club Austria, welcomed the many representatives of the member clubs of the International Federation of Eurasier Breeding. He stated that it has become a great custom to meet and discuss the Eurasier breed itself, careful breeding strategies and to exchange our experience.
The IFEZ is a godsent. With its extensive database it offers broad possibilities for scientifically based breeding of healthy Eurasiers in all clubs. We can be proud of it. A special welcome was given to the interested representatives of the Czech club who were present for the first time.

During the first part of the meeting several Eurasier breed topics were discussed:

The second part of the meeting consisted of a vivid discussion about the duties and possibilities of the IFEZ in the presence and specifically in the future.
Critical conclusions and possible changes for the future require the hard work of everyone. The IFEZ and its goals must be emphasized even more, it must be marketed as a „seal of excellence“ of Eurasier breeding; this can be reached first and foremost by the strong clubs, secondly through PR measures on the website of the IFEZ, on Facebook and possibly through other media.

IFEZ Stuttgart 2016

The third part of the meeting contained the introduction of new ideas and possibilities for the development of a new format of health data administration. A working group presented a well-prepared project plan for an open online database.
Data exchange is obviously the core of all cooperating IFEZ clubs. Since these thoughts were presented for the first time, a very vivid discussion developed concerning the accessibility of Eurasier data, touching topics like:
Individuals as users; clubs only as users of the database; different access levels; consideration on limitations of users‘ circles; control instruments assuring the accuracy of data and data security; assuring the breeding in accordance with the standard; guided breeding of a still young breed. These were only some of the partically very controversial topics. This discussion will now resume in the individual clubs.
The work on the project itself will continue and will be on the itinerary again next year. No decisions were made.

After all required rules and regulations were met, the end of the meeting was highlighted by a very special and interesting presentation by Professor Dr. Kurt Kotrschal, Chairperson of the Wolf-Science-Center near Vienna, The deep emotional connection of Humans and Dogs.

The meeting was enhanced by many personal, intensive conversations between representatives of clubs which are mostly limited to phone calls or emails during the year. Throughout the meals, the dog walk and in the evening many topics around the wonderful Eurasier were discussed in depth. It was an all around successful meeting for the benefit of our beautiful breed.

gisela aach, IFEZ-Sekretariat


IFEZ Annual Meeting 2015

This year, the annual meeting of IFEZ, the International Federation for Eurasier Breeding, was hosted by the Finnish club in Helsinki. It was our 20th annual meeting and was well organized by the President of the Finnish Club, Mrs. Satu Rossow.

These gatherings are the highlight of the working year for IFEZ, as, wherever possible, the individual club representatives (Chair, Data Representative and Heads of Breeding) of member clubs meet up. Many kynological topics concerning the Eurasier are worked on extensively and finalized, as well as new topics raised and put on the Agenda.
Changes in the clubs’ personnel are shared, so that the cooperation between clubs can always be conducted with familiar individuals.

IFEZ Eurasier Helsinki

The main topics discussed in 2015:

Gisela Aach, IFEZ Secretary
Translation: Brigitte Mordan-Grimm; Ute Molush


IFEZ-Meeting 2011 in Arbon, Switzerland

IFEZ Eurasier in Arbon 2

This year the Swiss Eurasier Club IGES invited to the annual meeting of the IFEZ in Switzerland. The weather was beautiful when the representatives of the various IFEZ-Eurasier Clubs met in a small, and dog friendly hotel in Arbon at Lake Bodensee. The combination of sun shine, a colourful forest with autumn leaves, and, in close reach, a wonderful area directly at Lake Bodensee, where the dogs could run free, made it a very pleasant stay for all participants.

IFEZ Eurasier in Arbon

At the meeting, everybody met „old friends“ as well as „new faces“ (for the first time, the Norwegian Eurasier Club attended with a delegation consisting of three, their president, vice-president, and IFEZ-representative were present). Alongside with the meeting, many interesting conversations took place concerning our most favourite subject: Eurasiers.

Items of the meeting:

Until late in the evening, those interested in the wide field of breeding were still sitting at their computers and exchanging information. Sunday started with „Eurasier talks“ during breakfast, which were partly continued into the afternoon.

Eurasier Arbeitstagung IFEZ in Arbon 2011
Photographers in Arbon 2011: Beat Kempf and ZG

All in all, like in every year, the meeting was filled with a lot of intensive work, with many, very good conversations and discussions all focusing on Eurasiers. Possibly, all participants would have wished for at least 25 to 26 hours a day. In the coming year, the meeting will take place in October, in Stuttgart, Germany.

IFEZ Gruppenfoto 2011


IFEZ-Meeting 2010, during the last weekend in October

IFEZ Tagung 2010 in Stuttgart

Mr Peter Moellenbruck, President of the Swiss Eurasier Club „IGES“, invited to the 2010 IFEZ meeting in Stuttgart, Germany.

Already on Friday evening, before the actual meeting started, many representatives of the IFEZ-Clubs met to discuss work with the IFEZ data base, the actual heart of the cooperation. The question they dealt with was whether it were necessary to „modernize“ the IFEZ data base, whether new technical possibilities could be inevitable. In future, the Clubs will need to keep this in view, too! Placing data online, a subject that should be first discussed within the board of each Club.

Saturday was the main day of work for the IFEZ club representatives.

Following organizational discussions and agreements, the next item on the agenda was exciting: The Eurasier Society UK, ESUK, and the Norwegian Eurasier Club NEK both introduced their Clubs, their breeding strategy, their Ethics, and then applied for membership as associated members within IFEZ.

For prior examination long before the meeting, they had sent all necessary information, so that after a short discussion among all full members of the IFEZ, Peter Moellenbruck could welcome both clubs as new members. Their applications as associated members of the IFEZ was approved unisono.

Naturally, the main fields of discussion focused on questions about Eurasier health and breeding. In that context, an interim report was given on the status quo of thyroid panel evaluations, which seem to suggest that the normal thyroid values for Eurasiers might rather be in the lower part of the reference range – here, more evaluations are necessary.

Also, once again, very detailed information was exchanged concerning the differing breeding regulations in the various Eurasier clubs, and their National Kennel Clubs. In future, when matings are planned between Eurasiers of two different clubs, the rules of the club of the female should always apply. Of course, the breeder is to be included accordingly.

With great engagement, a lot more questions regarding breeding were discussed, partly until way after dinner, late into the evening.

It was a meeting filled with a lot of work, but, of course, it also helped to get to know each other better, and to exchange experiences.

All Clubs are looking forward to the next meeting in 2011 in Switzerland, in Arbon, at Lake Bodensee, where the Swiss Eurasier Club IGES found a small, dog friendly hotel for the conference.

IFEZ Gruppenfoto 2010


IFEZ meeting 2009 in Apeldoorn, Netherlands

IFEZ Tagung 2009 in Apeldoorn

Mr. John Stegman, the IFEZ president for this office term, and 1. Chairman of the EVN (the Eurasier club in the Netherlands), had invited the representatives of all IFEZ clubs and associations to the Netherlands. A long journey for many, but well worth it!

The atmosphere was warm and very friendly, many conversations and discussions aimed for results, old acquaintances were deepened and new eurasier enthusiasts introduced – as usual, a full program within a very limited time. A week-end can be so short …

Full of hope to promote the IFEZ from a cynological point of view, plans were made, and first steps were taken – until the next conference, study groups are going to look into some especially important subjects, and will develop and process them, for example concerning the health of our Eurasiers, news all around the IFEZ data bank, input and production of essential documents, including public relations.

The Swedish Eurasier club could not yet realize their membership this year because of smaller "problems", however, they plan to join the IFEZ in 2010, probably as a cooperating member. The attendance of the following, interesting guests was a real pleasure: The KZG, Germany, and the Norwegian club NEK had both sent small delegations, as they are interested in the work of the IFEZ.

On Saturday evening, with the handing over of the presidency to Mr. Moellenbruck, the president of the IGES, Switzerland, the official part of the meeting ended. The next conference will probably take place in Germany again.

IFEZ meeting 2009 in Apeldoorn, Netherlands


IFEZ Meeting on September 27, 2007 in Stuttgart

IFEZ Tagung 2007 Foto © A. Müller

31 delegates and guests from 9 countries attended the meeting in Stuttgart. One delegate from another country asked to be excused.


Conversational topics:

IFEZ Tagung 2007 Foto © A. Müller


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