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The International Federation for Eurasier Breeding (IFEZ) -A Model of Success

The idea to found IFEZ was based on the desire to formalise the ‘data exchange to improve breeding’ by the three Eurasier associations: Eurasierverein Weinheim (EKW), Zuchtgemeinschaft fuer Eurasier (ZG) and Suomen Eurasier Kerho (SEK), in February 1996. The following year, IFEZ was expanded by the Eurasier Club Austria (ECA), Eurasier Freunde Schweiz (EFS) and Eurasier Verenigung Nederland (EVN). The idea of a data pool for health data of our Eurasiers, combined with a breeding evaluation program, is especially important for clubs with a small dog population, so as to ensure healthy breeding across borders. As a result, the clubs: Eurasierklubben Denmark (EKD), Eurasierclub Belgium (ECB), United States Eurasier Club (USEC), Eurasier Club Italiano (ECI) and in 2018 the Southern Eurasier Association UK (SEA), were welcomed as members of IFEZ.

In 2006 IFEZ was recognised as the only World Association of the "Eurasier" breed under a cooperation agreement with the FCI.

More than 20 years of unique cooperation by international Eurasier associations within the framework of IFEZ are proof of a globally successful organization for the benefit of our breed.


EKW Eurasier Klub Weinheim
SEK Suomen Eurasier Kerho Finnland
EVN Eurasier Vereniging Nederland
ECA Eurasier Club Austria
ECB Eurasierclub Belgien
EFS Eurasier Freunde Schweiz
EKD Eurasier Klubben Dänemark
USEC United States Eurasier Club
ECI Eurasier Club Italiano
SEA Southern Eurasier Association (UK)

Live Exchange of Information - Our Meetings

The annual meetings are very important for the IFEZ as an organization, for its delegates and its clubs. They are the personal platform to exchange information on breeding, health and temperament of our Eurasiers. This international exchange of information between the Chairpersons, the Secretaries, the Breeding Representatives and the Data Representatives is unique and helps to keep our breed healthy. The meetings also serve to discuss the development of the common database and its implementation.


The main body of IFEZ comprises the delegates of the full members as assembled at the annual meeting. They cooperate with the delegates of the other IFEZ clubs. They define the IFEZ strategy. IFEZ does not have its own budget. Any expenses of IFEZ officials are reimbursed via a member key. Every 2 years the presidency of IFEZ changes and rotates between full member clubs. The Secretary is a long-standing, experienced member of an IFEZ club, and is elected by the General Assembly for 4 years; re-election is possible. During the year, the Secretary and the President are responsible for answering any questions, provide information and coordinate IFEZ. They maintain the IFEZ internal information platforms and are responsible for the release of access to the database. The database manager is responsible for questions about the database

History of IFEZ

At the beginning of the 1980s, the Chairpersons of the German Eurasier associations became agitated about the effect of the three-way split of the clubs on this new, beautiful, and numerically still small breed. The people involved quickly came to the realisation that personal communication is extremely useful in the development of a breed.

The EKW (Eurasier Klub Weinheim) was invited to several symposia, which were gladly attended by all three clubs (EKW, ZG, KZG). The atmosphere was always pleasantly factual. Unfortunately, this good habit of meeting up once a year petered out.

Ms. Aach, the then Chairperson of the ZG, took another initiative in the autumn of 1995. In February 1996, representatives of the Eurasier Club Weinheim, EKW, the Suomen Eurasier Kerho, SEK (Finland) and the Zuchtgemeinschaft fur Eurasier, ZG, met.

An agreement on cooperation was reached very quickly, as from the very start the work was carried out on a purely factual basis: "Exchange of data to improve breeding in the participating associations".

Thus, 24th February1996 can be considered as the founding date of the IFEZ.

As early as March the same year, the draft treaty "stood", and was signed in November 1996.

At the invitation of Gisela Aach, ZG, three representatives of the Zuchtgemeinschaft fur Eurasier (ZG), the Kynologische Zuchtgemeinschaft (KZG,) and the Eurasier Club Weinheim (EKW) met in November 1996 before finally signing of contract, in order to possibly also involve the KZG in this community. There, there was discussion about current and future possible commonalities between the clubs, but also about the exchange of public breeding data. Unfortunately, an agreement with the KZG could not be reached.

At that time, closer cooperation between ZG, the EKW and the SEK had already begun, in particular with regards to the exchange of data on the dogs.

In November 1996, these three associations (International Eurasier Data Community) concluded a first contract for the exchange of data between clubs. In the first few years, the International Eurasier Data Community met in the same place as the "Hohenheim Cynological Conference", which developed from the association of specialist veterinarians to the expert x-ray diagnostics of hip joint dysplasia (HD) in dogs.

At an early stage, the Eurasier Data Community was recognised as a World Association by the FCI. The FCI recognises only one world association per breed. In this respect, its recognition by the FCI is of outstanding importance for IFEZ. Since February 2006 there has been a cooperation agreement between the FCI and the IFEZ World Association for Eurasier

Looking to the future development of the Community, the name was changed to the International Federation for Eurasier Breeding (IFEZ) and a Certificate was introduced describing the high requirements for Eurasier breeding in its member associations.

On the occasion of the International Friendship Meeting at the Anniversary event ’40 years of Eurasier’ – 40 years of the EKW in Mannheim, IFEZ was presented to representatives from Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The IFEZ member associations Eurasier-Club-Austria (ECA) and the Eurasier-Freunde-Schweiz (EFS) were also represented. Of course, the delegates of the SEK and the ZG were also present.

The steady increase in the number of member clubs clearly confirms how helpful the exchange of dog data is.

Annual IFEZ meetings with topical discussions and evolving decision-making are testament to the great interest of the member associations. Therefore we hope to continue our international cooperation into the future, so that we can breed the healthiest and
Manfred Müller, Mühlacker, October 2018

IFEZ member associations

EKW - Eurasier Klub Weinheim
SEK - Suomen Eurasier Kerho Finnland
EVN - Eurasier Vereniging Nederland
ECA - Eurasier Club Austria
ECB - Eurasierclub Belgien
EFS - Eurasier Freunde Schweiz
EKD - Eurasier Klubben Dänemark
USEC - United States Eurasier Club
ECI - Eurasier Club Italiano
SEA - Southern Eurasier Association (UK)


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